Santa for all Seasons originally started as an Auxiliary organization supporting the Tennessee Department of Human Services in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It’s primary focus was two fold, providing financial support for Foster Children registered with the Tennessee Department of Human Services and Adults registered with the Adult Protective Services program.
Over the past 35 years the organization has evolved and narrowed it’s focus and purpose. SFAS is currently providing Financial assistance to Youth in the Tennessee Department of Childrens Protective Services Post Custody section and those in the Independent Living program within the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Assistance is also available to youth not listed with the Tennessee Department of Childrens Services. Those youth are generally recommended through a High School Guideance Counselor. Guidelines are currently under review for assistance to teenage unwed mothers. All funding is obtained through community donations and previous participation in the Darrell Patterson Golf Challenge. All funds received go directly to the youth the organization supports. There are no administrative expenses incurred by the Organization other than the required operational expenses to maintain our Web Page and as needed materials and supplies.